Wednesday, 14 May 2008

where happiness lives

Sometimes I'm afraid that this day-to-day monotony is going to start being just that: day-to-day monotony. But, somehow, I'm surprised everyday at how little things can break the mould.

Today, for example.

Andrew came in. It's 17:30, well after we both should be gone. And he smiled at me; this big, geeky cute smile that only your tubby, white-headed 50-somethings boss can get away with, and asked how I was, commenting how he hadn't seen me in awhile. [Truth! The man is a workaholic and even when we are both working I never see him!]


June and I spent lunch sunbathing in the park, talking about life and love and God and woodshop.

Back in the grind to have a message from my Dad, entirely in Spanish. He doesn't even speak Spanish!

It's reasons like these that make the days worth living.
Sure, I could [probably should] find a job that can support my mortgage. But where can I find something where my boss smiles like a schoolboy, conversations about life happen at lunch and with unlimited access to my parents?

June's Dad always says: You can either have time or money.

I think, in my case, I have happiness.

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Flippin' Yank said...

Hello fellow North American! Just saw your comment on my blog. Belfast is not too bad I guess. It's a totally different world living on the Shankill. I'm just sad I can't get a decent bagel and a good cup of coffee. Any recommendations? Preferably a place that doesn't close after 6pm?