Thursday, 29 January 2009

Pipes in my ears! Owwww

You know what? I had an absolutely brilliant weekend!

I wasn't sure it was going to be okay - the one cadet who really bugs me in at my corps was going, but even with that - it was brilliant.

I think I knew it was going to be good when I showed up and saw that the male cover was Criag; he is good people!

And then I met the Leading Cadet / Assistant Piping Instructor [for the weekend] and knew that the weekend was destined for awesomeness. This kid is only 15, but we got on so well; a real damn good kid, you know? We've made a secret handshake, I taught him to make those stupid wrapper chains with like, starburst wrappers, he taught me how to properly do a warble, bought each other sweeties to share and hahaha even used the little gummy rings to 'get married' and since we ate them it's forever. So inappropriate but so frigging funny. [PLEASE NOTE: Not seriously at all attracted to him; I am not a pedo!!!]

It was so good with him because even though he's so young and such a high rank, he's already gotten the difference between being friends and, when we have to go back into uniform, being officer/cadet. So many of them don't get that when they're young, or never get that. Like, I could totally be his buddy one minute, or all night until lights out or whatever, but then the minute I needed something done I could delegate to him for him to delegate, and then if it was done wrong and I yelled at him.. well. He knew that it didn't mean I didn't like him. Or if I told him off for something HE was doing, he knew it wasn't personal.

It's SO GOOD when the cadets get that. I wish the ones at my corps did!

Most of the junior kids were really good times, too, and the group of staff there were really laid back and easygoing.

Last night when we were getting our evening tuck, two of the girls were showing me one of those scary videos where it's a still room, then the chair in the background starts to rock and then some scary lookin' girl pops up on the screen. So yah, that happened and I freaked and ran into the galley, hahaha.... and the little window door thing flew open [because the main door hit it] and crushed one of my cadet's [the one who does my head in] Cream Eggs, like, right clear in half! And she started yelling: MY EGG!! MY EGG!! YOU KILLED MY EGG!! But it was just the timing of it all... omg it was so frigging funny!

So after two nights of very little sleep and having to listen to flat pipes for 24 hours, I was an absolute mental crabby bitch today. But even so, it was brilliant. And the kids were all actually pretty good at piping - every single one got their Basic Level! I was well impressed. The four of us officers on the course were good too - we all got our proficiency level and are going to do the instructor's course in a few weeks.

Yah so I'm kind of on an awesome weekend high, but also so exhausted low, and also omg Lost is finally back tonight high! And basically trying to keep myself awake to frigging 11pm tonight. Silly 2 hour premier! But YAY LOST!

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